hint format questions.

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Sun Oct 19 11:04:46 PDT 2003

Hello all, I have a question about the new format.  Will this break the 
auto gernated web pages?  Take the following example, and note the two 
tab stops for all headings, and also the section format.

Lemme know if this is generally OK, or actually the big concern is that 
I can or cannot use the two tab stops for formatting the headings?


-- DJ

Author:		DJ Lucas <dj_at_lucasit_dot_com>

Date:		2003-10-21

LICENSE:        Pick one...I'm thinking MIT for right now.

SYNOPSIS:       Setup LDAP directory services with Kerberos(MIT)

DESCRIPTION:    This hint will take you through setting up the initial
		LDAP Master server and directory structure for a new
		installation, and will also discuss adding clients and
		secondary servers....more here later, it's just a BS'd
		example for right now.  (I'll be gathering information
		from several documents that are availible and putting
		them into one clear concise writing, specific for an LFS

PREREQUISITES:  This hint requires that several software packages be
		installed.  The instructions for these packages can be
		found in the Beyond Linux From Scratch book, located at
                 http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/cvs/ .

         OpenSSL -- homepage:  http://www.openssl.org
	(line wraping in my mail client will mess up the format if I
	add one more character, but it'll fall under 80 in the text). 

         The three other packages along with homepages go here...yada,
	yada, yada.

HINT:           This hint will be divided into three sections.  The
		first section will discuss installing the software for
		both clients and server.  <skip the second and third>

   I.  Installing software
	Description of software installation goes here for both server
and client installs.  Note the 2 space indent of section heading, and
the single <tab> indent for new paragraph.  All subsequent sections will
also be formatted in this manor (pending approval).


                 OpenLDAP/AFS File Serving implimentation at MIT.

                 LDAP Linux HowTo

CHANGELOG:      [2003-10-21]
                 Initial Writup Begins with basic layout (this will
		change upon initial release est. 2003-11-15).

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