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> Hi Richard A Downing FBCS. You said the following on 10/29/03
> 22:52:
> > I can't force you to delete it, but I would like you to.  I'm
> > copying this to the newsgroup to create a public record.
> All hints are protected by the warranty and the document
> license. Besides, you only provide *instructions*, you had no
> way to know it could cause damage. LG acknowledged that it's a
> defect in *their* drive. IMHO you're being too careful here.
> It's LG who should be scared, not the mere mortals trying to
> help other people by writing a hint.

Day by day I see little people downtrodden in the courts in the
UK and the USA by big business who can afford lawyers.  I can't. 
So I don't do things that might mean I have to fight big business
in the courts.

Remember that I used to be a company director, I know how these
people think.  It's just an economic decision to them.

LG would have no compunction at all in fighting in the courts
until I was bancrupt.  And someone who was damaged by following
my instructions would, rightly, see me as a softer (cheaper)
target than LG.  I'll take bets that the box that an LG drive is
sold in says, 'for Windows 95,98, me, NT, etc'  or some
permutation, and that all the systems it's used OEM in come
loaded with Windows.  LG could easily argue that their drives
were NEVER sold for Linux, and it is unreasonable of a court to
expect them to test for it, and thus it is unreasonable for them
to have to extend their warranty to Linux either.  Then the poor
broken drive owner sues me.

I don't look at our 'wonderful' democracy though rose-tinted
spectacles, no, I use high-impact safety specs with react-to-law

However, Tushar's solution of adding a warning to the hint in OLD
is probably sufficient, and I will be content with that.

Please don't take public conversations private.  They are public
for a reason - my safety.

Cheers, Richard

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