Change in the attachment format for hints

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Wed Oct 29 23:29:23 PST 2003


Instead of hosting the tarballs (and losing them without having any 
backup - which is what happened recently), the hint attachments will now 
be added to the cvs repository.

The patches will be added to the patches project under the appropriate 
package name. All other files that don't fit in the patches project will 
be added to the attachments subdirectory. See the website for more info 
(please allow some time for commit and regeneration of the site).

I will correct the the hints to all current hints that have attachments, 
so authors who have already submitted hints don't need to resubmit.

Thanks. Sorry for the delay in getting this done, I had put it in my 2Do 
mail folder but forgot to check the 2Do folder! Guess I need to create a 

Tushar Teredesai

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