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AUTHOR: Cedric de Wijs<at>softhome<dot>net

DATE: 2004-04-09

LICENSE: GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2

SYNOPSIS: How to get from windows 98 to LFS without a complete reboot

This hint describes how to prepare your dual-boot system to reboot from windows 98 to LFS faster

Loadlin 1.6c: (86K)

This hint expect you to have a dual boot system with both windows 98 and LFS


1 Introduction
2 Required Files
3 Preparation
4 Installation
5 Usage

1 Introduction
Linux can be loaded from windows 98. This hit explains how.

Loadlin 1.6c: (9.5k)

3. Preparation
-Copy loadlin, your kernel and /etc/lilo.cfg or /boot/grub/menu.lst to the root of your windows C-drive
-Reboot to windows 98

4 Instalation
rename your kernel to something DOS understands i.e. bzimage
make a batfile "linux.bat" containing something like this:

loadlin bzmage root=/dev/hda4 ro

change the root= parameter to match your situation.
This, and the rest of your kernel options can be found in lilo.cfg or menu.lst

right-click on it and choose create shortcut
right-click on the shortcut and choose properties
choose program-advanced and check MS-DOS mode
drag the shortcut to your desktop

5 Usage
Double-click on the icon on your desktop to reboot to linux

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  * Initial release

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