Internet connection from LAN

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Feb 23 22:28:40 PST 2004

Alex Wibowo wrote:
> Hello...
> I've just finished my LFS, installed on my laptop. Network is fine, I've
> installed
> pcmcia-cs package. Ping-ing hosts on my network works fine.
> I'm connected to the internet through an ADSL router. My LFS box can ping
> this
> router as well. Everything works fine.
> What else do I need to do to be able to connect to computer outside my local
> network?
> Because when I tried to telnet to my university computer, it says :
> "Trying <-- resolved IP address
> telnet: unable to connect to remote host: Network is unreachable"
> it seems to be able to resolve the IP address given the ... umm. u know...
> the non-numeric notation.
> Can anyone share a light on this ??? Thank you... :)

Wrong list..but I'll offer a few quick suggestions anyways...follow ups 
to blfs-support ONLY.  /etc/resolv.conf (but if using dhcp then that 
should be good already...but double check the options passed to you dhcp 
client, and check to make sure the nameserver entries are actually in 
the file when connected.  Actually, the DNS name resolved, but no 
connection?  How about a ping to the ip address?  Better, and always reply.  Furthur, if using 
dhcp, did you get rid of the default gateway lines in 
/etc/sysconfig/network?  If static, are they still there?

All I can come up with ATM.

-- DJ Lucas

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