Deploy a ready buildt system onto other machines

Igor Zivkovic igor at
Sun Jan 4 04:06:58 PST 2004

znx wrote:
> Ive built my first system on my workstation for the reason that my
> workstation is alot faster than my server.
> Now I want to deploy my ready buildt system onto another machine that will
> work as my server.
> Im not sure how to do this and I cant find any Hints written on the subject.
> Maybe any of you guys can redirect me or give me some keywords on the
> subject.

First make sure that the architecture of your workstation is the same as
the one of your server (e.g. LFS compiled on i686 won't work on i586
machines). If it's not then you'll have to cross-compile LFS for
whatever your server's architecture is:

If it's the same architecture the next thing to check is if the
processors are the same. They are most probably not according to
your information so I'm going to skip this part and recommend you to
build another LFS.

This time, when you get to chapter 7, don't forget that you're actually
configuring for your server. Just before rebooting the system, after you
unmount /proc and /dev/pts and logout from the chroot environment, it is
a good idea to make a backup of your freshly built LFS. This will work:

cd $LFS &&
tar cvjpf LFS-5.0.tar.bz2 bin boot dev etc home lib mnt opt proc root sbin tmp usr var

Now you need a boot floppy or CD with basic Linux utilities to create
partitions on your server's hard disk. Uncompress the tarball or just
transfer your LFS partition and enter the chroot environment as instructed
in chapter 6, "Revised chroot command". Jump to chapter 8, "Making the
LFS system bootable" and follow the inctructions there.

Reboot the server and hope all of this will actually work. :)

Igor Zivkovic

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