[dosemu.txt] upgrade to 1.2.0 / minor changes

Alex Kloss alex at 22-music.com
Tue Jan 20 07:24:52 PST 2004

Hi, folks

and there's another hint due being upgraded. Here it comes:

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AUTHOR:	Alex Kloss <alex at 22-music.com>

DATE: 2003-09-19

LICENSE: GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2

SYNOPSIS: Setting up dosemu with freeDOS or any other DOS.

Sometimes you want to use the good old Disk Operating System, e.g. for 
playing some real old games (like commander keen), but you don't want to 
shutdown your linux box and don't have a DOS bootdisk anyway...

[ATTENTION: dosemu is discontinued in favour of dosbox (available on
 http://dosbox.sourceforge.net) - but it's still faster in most cases!]

http://dosemu.sf.net - dosemu-1.2.0.tgz, most actual dosemu-freedos-bin.tgz


./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-experimental \
 --with-fdtarball=<wherever you stored dosemu-freedos-bin.tgz> &&
make &&
make install

If the installation breaks due to not finding bdftopcf, just use "make
install" again. The error shouldn't occur on the 2nd try.

now try "dos" or "xdos". If xdos complains about not finding the necessary 
fonts, you should edit either your etc/X11/XftConfig or /etc/fonts/fonts.conf 
(if you're using the newest X-Server with xft) and add to the first lines

'dir "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc"' in XftConfig or
'<dir>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc</dir>' in fonts.conf

if you're not using xft, you will have to restart the x server to let the 
changes take effect or use the commands:

xset +fp /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc
xset fp rehash

and try to start dosemu again.

If you did not use the freedos image, you will have to set up your dos image
yourself: make a directory /usr/share/dosemu and copy the io.sys and the
msdos.sys of your dos to this directory.

A minor problem is that the src/plugin/commands dir does not contain all of 
the dosemu stuff, for example the cdrom.sys driver is missing. You'll find 
the tasm sources in /src/commands. Since you propably don't have tasm, you'll
have to find a way to 1. extract that driver from the binary distribution or 
2. compile it without tasm using the gcc assembler:

cd src/commands &&
for i in aspi cdrom ems emufs; do
  as -o ${i}.sys < ${i}.S
done &&
mkdir /usr/share/dosemu/dosemu &&
cp *.sys /usr/share/dosemu/dosemu

You may now start "dosemu" or "xdosemu" and install your DOS software at will.

  * Initial Hint.
  * Conversion to new hint format, some changes.
  * Small fixes in conversion.
  * Added gcc-2.95.3 stuff for LFS-5.x.
  * Updated to dosemu 1.2.0, gcc as instead of as86 and minor changes.

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