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  Added kernel-2.6-how-to.txt
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  Index: kernel-2.6-how-to.txt
  AUTHOR: zippo zippo752001 at or #lfs-support
  DATE: 2004-01-25
  LICENSE: GNU General Public License
  SYNOPSIS: Build LFS with the 2.6.* kernel
  Primary URL:
  DESCRIPTION: This is a most wonder How-to for LFS users that want the new 2.6.0
  Kernel from build. If you want it but don't want the hassile just build
  it with the 2.4.* kernel and upgrade to the 2.6.0 kernel. 
  First you will need a few different things.
  The kernel:
  Nice clean headers: Here you can make our own or use the ones on my
  http."they might or might not be up todate".
  To make them: 
  you will need the glibc-kernheaders-* file. 
  run: perl rpm2cpio glib* > glibc-kernelheaders.tmp //converts the
  src.rpm to a cpio
  Then run: cpio -d -i < ./glibc-kernelheaders.tmp //makes it into a nice bz2
  All you will need is the glibc-kernelheaders.tar.bz2 file
  thats all you will need.
  Chapter 5 -- Installing 2.6 kernel
  Use "make include/asm" instead of "make symlinks"
  Chapter 6 -- Installing 2.6 kernel
  	make mrproper &&
  	make include/linux/version.h &&
          make include/asm &&
          mkdir /usr/src/glibcheaders &&
          cp -HR include/asm /usr/src/glibcheaders &&
          cp -R include/asm-generic /usr/src/glibcheaders &&
          cp -R include/linux /usr/src/glibcheaders &&
          touch /usr/src/glibcheaders/linux/autoconf.h
  Chapter 6 -- Installing Glibc
  Use this to configure the Glibc
  	../glibc-2.3.2/configure --prefix=/usr \
  	--disable-profile --enable-add-ons \
  	--libexecdir=/usr/lib --with-headers=/usr/src/glibcheaders
  Chapter 6 -- Installing sanitized kernel headers
  After you install the glibc you should do this.
  	tar jxvf glibc-kernelheaders.tar.bz2
  	cd usr/include
  	***NOTE*** if your arch is something other then i386 then you
  should change the next line to fit. EX. asm-ppc, to see all possible
  ones just ls. :-p	
  	cp -R asm-i386 /usr/include/asm    
  	cp -R linux /usr/include
  Chapter 6 -- Installing Modutils
  Instead of Modutils we will use Module-init-tools
  	./configure --prefix=/
  	make install
  Other then that Follow the book.
  Acknowledgements: J_MAN!!!	
  	1/27/04 0.0.2
  		*fixed format
  		*added how-to for different arches
  	1/25/04 0.0.1

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