lfsbackup hint

P.R. gropie-rubble at gmx.de
Sat Jan 31 14:25:52 PST 2004


* Yes, I've used the tar -cf to accomplish this same thing.
* But I think I found it was better to have kernel use another partition at
* boot before starting the tar, maybe procs and devs or something.


* Also, if you want to get a copy of one the kernel has rooted, 'parted'
* 'cp' worked for me.  It complained, but it did work...

That one I didn't understand, I guess you mean the same thing as above:
it isn't good to use the partition the kernel booted from to tar itself?

* Don't forget to update fstab and the grub/menu.lst kernel root before you
* reboot!

After having learned it the hard way I now know exactly what you meant

But now everything works beautifully. I will write down my experiences
and send them to Nathan (he has contacted me).


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