Proposal: integrate hints into the Wiki?

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Subject: Proposal: integrate hints into the Wiki?

> Hi,
> The website team (me and Anderson) are currently working on the 
> implementation of TWiki, which will serve as the Content Management 
> System for the website. It has the necessary access controls so people 
> don't need to be afraid of the anarchistic nature of Wiki's. Using TWiki 
> as CMS has no negative impacts when compared to a regular CMS, and the 
> advantages of version control, user registration and low barrier to 
> write content are sufficient for us to try it. TWiki is also succesfully 
> used by
> The hints project currently fills the role of having user-contributed 
> documentation made available to the community. The hints maintainer has 
> the role of gatekeeper (what gets checked in) and maintainer (updating 
> of current hints). The adoption system makes sure that unmaintained 
> hints can be taken over by other interested users.
> It seems to me that the TWiki system can take over allmost all of the 
> functions of the hints maintainer, while (optionally) giving the 
> community and hints writers more control over their own hints. It has 
> some advantages and disadvantages and I leave it up to you (community & 
> hint maintainer) to decide if you want this or not.
> Advantages:
> * no need for a formal hints structure (although it can be required)
> * file attachments to hints; no need for seperately maintained scripts 
> or code
> * transparent version control
> * the Wiki offers richer text formatting controls then plain text, 
> although this is completely optional
> * Currently, you can find hints by their filename or the date they've 
> last changed. TWiki allows you to find hints by name, author, 
> last-changed, etc. It's also very easy to categorize hints (by just 
> adding 1 link at the bottom of the hint)
> * hints in the Wiki can be indexed and searched with advanced search 
> options; this is currently not possible with the hints files
> * users have complete freedom to edit their own hint. Hints can be made 
> read-only or read-write, it's up to the maintainer if the original 
> author can make this choice. This means the current adoption system is 
> no longer necessary, and readers can more easily contribute to hints or 
> take over maintenance of them.
> * readers can monitor or subscribe to hints; they would receive a mail 
> when the hint is updated. The hints list can still be used as a 
> catch-all for updates
> * technically, there would no longer be a need for a hints maintainer. 
> Optionally, some or all of the functions of adding, editing and 
> (re)moving hints can still be put under explicit maintainer control, 
> thanks to fine-grained access controls. The current authorization 
> structure can be completely implemented in TWiki.
> Disadvantages:
> * I can't think of any! All functions of the current hint system can be 
> taken over by the TWiki!
> Well, it's harder to make hints available off-line, although it's 
> certainly possible. We'd have to export the hints Web as plain text and 
> offer it as download.
> Well, I see lots of advantages and practically no disadvantages. I know 
> many people don't like a Wiki, but with the access controls it's really 
> no different from the current system. Opinions?
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> Groeten/Greetings,
> Jeroen Coumans
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I just don't like the wiki.

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