Proposal: integrate hints into the Wiki?

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Tue Jun 8 15:59:40 PDT 2004

Jim Gifford said the following on 09-06-2004 00:33:
> I had made many points known about the wiki. Let me start the list over
> again.
>     1 - No way to get back to the home page once you have entered a page.

There's a global navigation list which can always be returned to. Also, 
the logo is a link home.

>     2 - Debug Info, should not be on the page, It should only be for
> administrators.

Can be turned off very easily, however, the Wiki we're testing and which 
this proposal was about does *not* display debug info by default.

>     3- Unmoderated, any can create an account and post, which is dangerous
> in this day and age.

Only if we choose to open it up for everyone. It is a *choice*, not a 
mandatory feature. There are *lots* of restrictions possible, ranging 
from free-for-all Wiki like (which I do *not* intend, as I have 
specifically stated), to completely locked down like the current static 

>     4 - The format doesn't make it easy to navigate.

A wiki or CMS does *not* impose *any* restrictions on navigation 
capabilities; it's what implemented that counts! We can add global menus 
and submenus just like the current site. We can also make them dynamic, 
ie. an autogenerated sitemap, index, pages which link to the current 
page, etc. If anything, the system allows a *lot* more navigation 
capabilities and makes it easier for both users as editors!

>     5 - The wiki seems to be emulating the book format, so make it look like
> the book and the next previous and home to it

I don't know what this means. This is because the current wiki on was filled that way. It is no restriction of the Wiki or 
the system I propose.

>  I can go on and one, but I will stop at 5.

It seems your criticism is based on the current PhpWiki at That is *not* the system we intend to use on 
the website, and it is also *not* the system which this proposal was 
about. We're implementing TWiki at, and it has 
none of the technical limitations which you point out above. In 
contrary, it has all features that a regular CMS has, and all the 
features that the current static HTML site has. But above that, it has 
the *optional* freedoms of a Wiki system. Again, there *will* be 
restrictions on page access and editing, although they are *not* necessary.

Please try to understand what I'm proposing here. I offer allmost 100% 
identical features out of the box (we'll have to work on the tarballs), 
but with CMS capacity and user maintenance. Do not be fooled or scared 
by the word "Wiki" in here. Browse around on, see what 
features they have. We're implementing the same system. Read around on and judge it *after* you're familiar with the capacity of 
the system. Thanks,

Jeroen Coumans

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