modular build

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Jun 16 00:55:44 PDT 2004


Everyone I talked to says the information I have is still valid. Like I
suggested before, if you have newer information then what I have, let me
know.  I'm against the renaming of the hint. Also, I'm working on update my
website that's why the link is dead, once things are fully functional I will
update my hint with the new way the viewcvs shows the information.

Remember, I asked you if you want to assist me in adding the information,
but you never got back to me.

The information you want to present is not needed, since most of the things
you talked to me about in your email are about things that are not fully
supported yet. If they were fully supported, I can understand your
concern's. But until every driver needs to get the MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE tag,
the information is useful. I can name serveral modules that don't conform to
this new way of thinking. See this

"Normally, if a driver has a correct MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE, and hotplugging is
working correctly for the subsystem used by that driver, you won't have to
debug anything relating to hotplugging. By far the most typical problem is
driver bugs, such as a MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE missing an entry for some device,
buggy entries, or buggy probe() routines. More rarely, the subsystem (or bus
driver) used by the driver might not yet be hotplugging correctly."

As far as MODULES_ALIAS, here is the line you should've read.

"There are still situations which require alias commands in the modules.conf
file: there is no way for a driver author to know which module should be
loaded to implement eth0, for example. But many of the boilerplate aliases
can be, eventually, removed. Internal alias support has been present in
module-init-tools for some time, so all that's needed before the alias
commands can be cleaned up is to get rid of all those legacy 2.4 (and prior)

I stand by my information for 2.4 and 2.6, and wish my file to stay the same
name. You want to create another version, with the above information, go for
it, but don't ask to have my information or file name changed.

I know you mean well, but next time contact me directly and ask my
permission instead of opening up a public email or post so everyone can see.
I'm tired of seeing everyone fighting on these lists, and I'm getting sick
of it. If you can't handle talking to the person via a private email, then
don't post a public one.

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