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   AUTHOR: Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann at>
  -DATE: 2004-05-23
  +DATE: 2004-05-29
   LICENSE: GNU General Public License
  -SYNOPSIS: How to install WindowMaker on LFS.
  +SYNOPSIS: How to install Window Maker on LFS.
  -How to install WindowMaker on your LFS-system.
  +How to install Window Maker on your LFS-system.
   A complete LFS-system with XFree86 (see BLFS for instructions).
  @@ -17,82 +17,126 @@
   This hint is originally written by Corbin Bates <dracolinux at>.
   Now updated and maintained by Daniel Baumann.
  -1. Introduction
  +1. Introduction to Window Maker
  -The WindowMaker package contains a lightweight window manager. Its look and feel
  -is inspired by the ancient NextStep and it is a part of the GNUStep desktop
  +Window Maker is an X11 window manager designed to give additional integration
  +support to the GNUstep Desktop Environment. In every way possible, it reproduces
  +the elegant look and feel of the NeXTSTEP GUI. It is fast, feature rich, easy to
  +configure, and easy to use. In addition, Window Maker works with GNOME and KDE,
  +making it one of the most useful and universal window managers available.
  -1.1 Package Information
  +1.1 Package information
   Download (HTTP):
   Download (FTP):
   Download size: 2.0 MB
   Estimated Disk space required: 47.2 MB
   Estimated build time: 0.51 SBU
  -1.2 Additional Downloads
  +1.2 Additional downloads
  -Optional icons/themes:
  -Clip-caption patch:
  -Workspace-numbering patch:
  -Preference-directory patch:
  +Optional WindowMaker extra package:
  +	This is the extra data package for Window Maker. It contains some icons
  +	and a few themes.
  +	Download:
  +Optional clip-caption patch:
  +	Aesthetical change to the Window Maker clip. The workspace number is now
  +	in the lower right corner, the workspace name in the upper left. The
  +	workspace name will be truncated using an ellipsis if it is too long.
  +	Fixes inconsistent popup 'balloon'. The clip now uses the same balloon
  +	as other appicons/miniwindows/etc.
  +	Download:
  +Optional workspace-number patch:
  +	Makes workspace numbering by the wmsetbg tool start at 1 instead of 0,
  +	just like it does for the rest of Window Maker.
  +	Download:
  +Optional preference-directory patch:
  +	Changes the preference directory from ~/GNUstep to ~/.GNUstep.
  +	Download:
  +	Note:	Set --datadir=~/.GNUstep/Library and
  +		--with-iconsdir=~/.GNUstep/Library/Icons on installing other
  +		GNUstep applications.
  +1.3 Window Maker depencies
  +	XFree86
  +	libpng (already installed within XFree86)
  +	libXPM: There is builtin support for XPM files, but it will not load
  +	images in some uncommon encodings.
  -2. Installation
  +	libtiff: For TIFF image support.
  -Install WindowMaker by running the following commands
  +	libjpeg: For JPEG image support.
  +	libgif or libungif: For GIF image support.
  +	libHermes: For faster pixel conversion in the wraster library.
  +2. Installation of Window Maker
  +Install Window Maker by running the following commands:
   	# patch -Np1 -i ../WindowMaker-0.80.2-clip-captions.patch &&
   	# patch -Np1 -i ../WindowMaker-0.80.2-wmsetbg-workspace-number.patch &&
   	# patch -Np1 -i ../WindowMaker-0.80.2-preference-directory-2.patch &&
  -	# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-debug=no &&
  +	# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc &&
   	# make &&
   	# make install &&
  +	Note:	If you want to strip the debugging symbols from the binaries and
  +		make them smaller, you can type 'make install-strip &&' instead.
   	# /sbin/ldconfig
  +If you have downloaded the extra package, install it with:
  -3. Command explanations
  +	# ./configure --prefix=/usr &&
  +	# make &&
  +	# make install
  -patch -Np1 -i ../Windowmaker-0.80.2-clip-captions.patch &&
  -	This patch moves the workspace number in the clip to the lower right
  -	corner and the workspace name in the upper left.
  -patch -Np1 -i ../WindowMaker-0.80.2-wmsetbg-workspace-number.patch &&
  -	This patch makes the workspace numberin starting at 1 instead of 0.
  +3. Configuring Window Maker
  -patch -Np1 -i ../WindowMaker-0.80.2-preference-directory-2.patch &&
  -	This patch changes the preferences directory from ~/GNUstep to
  -	~/.GNUstep.
  -	Notice:	Please remember that you have to pass
  -		--datadir=~/.GNUstep/Library and sometimes
  -		--with-iconsdir=~/.GNUstep/Library/Icons through autoconf
  -		manually by installing other GNUstep applications.
  +3.1 Config files
  -	Removes debuging symbols.
  +/etc/GNUstep/*, ~/GNUstep/* (or ~/.GNUstep/* with the preference-directory
  -4. Configuration
  +3.2 Configuration information
   Do not forget to backup your current xinitrc-file before proceeding.
  @@ -100,18 +144,18 @@
   	exec wmaker
  -This starts WindowMaker automatically after XFree86 is up and running. If you
  -like to set WindowMaker as the default windowmanager for all users on your
  +This starts Window Maker automatically after XFree86 is up and running. If you
  +like to set Window Maker as the default window manager for all users on your
   system, edit /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc instead.
  -After you have sucessfully started WindowMaker, you can configure all options
  -with the WPrefs, the GUI WindowMaker configuration tool.
  +After you have sucessfully started Window Maker, you can configure all options
  +with WPrefs.
  -5. Contents
  +4. Contents
  -The WindowMaker package contains
  +The Window Maker package contains
   	WPrefs, get-wings-flags, get-wraster-flags, get-wutil-flags, geticonset,
   	getstyle, seticons, setstyle, wcopy, wdread, wdwrite,,
  @@ -125,11 +169,11 @@
  -6. Description
  +5. Description
  -	WPrefs is the WindowMaker preferences utility.
  +	WPrefs is the Window Maker Preferences Utility.
   	wmagnify is a screen magnifying glass.
  @@ -137,7 +181,8 @@
   	wmaker is the window manager itselfs.
  -7. Other
  +6. Other
  @@ -155,5 +200,8 @@
       workspace-number patches
  +  [2004-05-29]
  +    * Minor text changes.
  +    * Typographic mistakes corrected.
       * Initial revision

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