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Sun Nov 14 08:55:44 PST 2004

Author: tushar
Date: 2004-11-14 09:55:43 -0700 (Sun, 14 Nov 2004)
New Revision: 906

Updated Hint: lfss390

Modified: trunk/lfss390.txt
--- trunk/lfss390.txt	2004-11-04 05:13:06 UTC (rev 905)
+++ trunk/lfss390.txt	2004-11-14 16:55:43 UTC (rev 906)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 AUTHOR:		John Gnew <john dot gnew at verizon dot net>
-DATE:		2004-10-21
+DATE:		2004-11-05
 LICENSE:	Public Domain
@@ -13,15 +13,21 @@
 IBM S/390 mainframe. I was able to take the 5.0 install guide, with some minor 
 modifications and three additional packages, and complete the install.
+This LFS system was installed on a 3390-3 but my starter SUSe system was on a 3390-3.
+I also had a 3390-9 to use for general storage of files.
 At the compleation, I was able to IPL my LFS system as a VM guest.
 I have not included the CTC configuration as this will vary from system to system.
-Prior to compiling the kernel, I verified various patches from IBM. It seems that 
+Prior to compiling the kernel, I verified various kernl patches from IBM. It seems that 
 all of the patches I came up with were already included in the kernel sources. I would 
 recommend checking for patches prior to compiling different versions of the kernel.
+The IBM site for obtaining various patches is located at:
@@ -120,7 +126,13 @@
 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/modutils-2.4.25/obj'
 make: *** [all] Error 2
-gcc-2.95.3 - I could not get this to compile
+Requires the patch from IBM in file gcc-2.95.3-s390.tar.gz.
+I then followed the directions in Beyond Linux from scratch. This created the nessary 
+library links required by some packages like Tivoli storage manager.
+Without the IBM patch, you will get the following errors:
 root:/# cd /usr/src/gcc-2-build/
 root:/usr/src/gcc-2-build# ../gcc-2.95.3/configure --prefix=/opt/gcc-2.95.3 \
 >     --enable-shared --enable-languages=c \
@@ -243,6 +255,8 @@
 rm -rf /mnt/initrd-2.4.22
 gzip /boot/initrd-2.4.22
 Turns out that net-snmp-5.1.1 is required for the s390 tools.
 ./configure -prefix=/usr
@@ -298,6 +312,9 @@
+During boot the console will display messages that have ascii control characters.
+This make it hard to read. Especialy during a disk check.
 Loading keymap...Loading /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/defkeymap.map.gz
 Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console
@@ -323,15 +340,6 @@
 osasnmpd did not compile
-root:/# cd /usr/src/gcc-2-build/
-root:/usr/src/gcc-2-build# ../gcc-2.95.3/configure --prefix=/opt/gcc-2.95.3 \
->     --enable-shared --enable-languages=c \
->     --enable-threads=posix
-Configuring for a s390-unknown-linux-gnu host.
-Invalid configuration `s390-unknown-linux-gnu': machine `s390-unknown' not recognized
-Invalid configuration `s390-unknown-linux-gnu': machine `s390-unknown' not recognized
-Unrecognized host system name s390-unknown-linux-gnu.
@@ -339,6 +347,7 @@
 * Initial post
+* Corrected install for GCC-2.95.3

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