Converting SVN repositories to FSFS

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Nov 25 21:51:19 PST 2004

To the admins of the BLFS, hints, patches, and website LFS projects:

I'd like permission to, at some point in the near future, convert your 
SVN repositories to a FSFS-backed repo, instead of the existing 
db-backed repo.  The main advantage to doing this is avoiding the need 
to run the db_recover program to get the db back into sync again.

The conversion process would involve locking the repo down for approx 
1/2 hour - no ability to commit during that time.  Conversion involves 
dumping the existing repo, then recreating the repo as a FSFS-backed 
repo, then re-importing the data.  From the user's perspective, there's 
no change in accessing the data.

Please respond to me privately if permission is granted to do so.  I 
will find a time in which it is convenient for me to perform the 
conversion, post a warning to the appropriate mailing list to ensure 
there's no essential work happening with that repo, then after a 
reasonable 5-10 minute time period, start the conversion, posting to the 
list when the conversion is complete.


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