[JLFS] Stale Hint + Update Schedule

Dan Bernard dan.bernard at cwru.edu
Wed Sep 8 12:36:24 PDT 2004

I hope this post isn't too late.  I sent it out over three weeks ago,
only to find that CWRU was screwing around with their mail servers yet
again.  I may end up using another e-mail address for hints if the CWRU
SMTP bullshit persists.  Rest assured then that my updates will get here
on time!  Hopefully I will have more time to confirm my messages' status.

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Subject: [JLFS] Stale Hint + Update Schedule
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Regarding the hint I submitted 11 November 2003, I am posting to this list
to signify that it is obsolete.  It has been for some time, as I had marked
on my current project page (vorlon.cwru.edu/~djb29), but I have still gotten
some other possibly redundant feedback from people who had downloaded my hint
from the LFS websites.  I would like to ask if there is a way that my hint can
be marked as stale on the LFS hints database, or possibly if it could be moved
to the old hints section, even though it does conform to the newer standard of
LFS hints.  This was discussed prior on #LFS-SUPPORT, so hopefully this works.
In related news, I am not abandoning this hint.  I have been working on a new
version of it since June, and it is coming along.  There is much that has to
be added, as in extra terminals, newer framebuffer support, and other input
method servers, so the new hint is going to be very welcome, however late.

I am predicting November 2004, but no promises.  At any rate, if someone
(Tushar?) could maybe tag my current hint to the effect that it needs a
few changes, and that they are coming soon, I would much appreciate it.

Any other options regarding such notice I would also be glad to hear.

Dan Bernard

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