UML root file System

Bernardino Lopez bernardino_lopez at
Fri Aug 19 09:29:00 PDT 2005

Hello Guys, I just bought the LFS Book and I'm playing
with UML.

Recently got compiled UML and have my linux binary in
/usr/local/bin/linux. I download the sample root fs
Debian-3.0r0.ext2. and can start my UML Instance with:
[blopez at prsvrlx6a myuml]$ cat
linux mem=64M ubd0=Debian-3.0r0.ext2 ubd1=128mb.swap
ubd2=./root_fs eth0=tuntap,,,

I try to install LFS in the Instance of UML, however
noticed that this particular root fs Debian does not
have gcc or bunzip2.

Looking for a hint on LFS website can't found the Hint
on install in UML.

My question is:

Is there a way to boot UML mounting from the LFS Live
CD in order to get the tools like gcc or bunzip2, and
this reflect a successfull LFS Install ???

Or where I can download a LFS root fs bootable Image
that contains gcc and bunzip2 to successfully install
LFS under the UML environment.

Thanks in advance for you help & support. As soon as
got this going I'll write a HOWTO paper on how to
acomplish this easy perhaps some collection of Shell
Scripts that can do the installation more easy =)

Best Regards Dino

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