Beginners Guide To Creating A Live CD With LFS 6.0

Bernard Robbins brobbins at
Fri Aug 26 11:04:34 PDT 2005

First, thank you Mike Hernandez for writing the bootcd hint. It helped 
me out a lot.

There were some things I had to do that deviated from your hint and 
thought I would share:

| Setting up the environment |
The phrase "You also might want to set CDDEV as well:" is confusing at 
first. After working threw the hint further it was apparent that you 
were just joking.

| Configuring the live CD system |
This should be located under the exports:
     1.  Mount your live CD system:

         mkdir -p $LIVECD
         mount $CDDEV $LIVECD

 From what you said in the paragraph previous to this you said that if 
your not installing any more software you can skip to "Moving around the 
furniture" leaving the $LIVECD unmounted.

| Moving around the furniture |
I had to add my /dev/ram devices since they are not installed by default 
by LFS 6.1.
for i in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7; do
   mknod $LIVECD/dev/ram$i b 1 $i;

| Tailoring the CD boot process for our needs |
Under it might help if you leave 
a note about isolinux not liking kernel names over the 8.3 
specification. 'lfskernel-' would not boot but, 'lfskern' would.

I think the flow would be better if you moved this paragraph:
  Ok! So far so good right?! In order for the boot process to work the way
   we want, we create an initial ramdisk. More information about initial
   ram disks (initrd for short) can be found in your kernel documentation.
  The directions below create the initial ram disk (initrd):

There was a couple of libs that were not copied that were required, I 
  cp -H $LIVECD/lib/{,,,} 
  cp -H $LIVECD/lib/{,} lib/
  cp -H 

Dunno if it matters but in fedora core 3 there isn't a 'total' line that 
is printed by du. I changed:
du -sh $LIVECD/ | grep total
du -sh $LIVECD/

Again... Thanks so much for writting this Mike Hernandez and others. I 
hope my suggestions are at least a fraction of the help you've given me.

-Bernard Robbins

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