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Author: tushar
Date: 2005-03-10 12:55:30 -0700 (Thu, 10 Mar 2005)
New Revision: 940

Added Hint: bmake

Added: trunk/bmake.txt
--- trunk/bmake.txt	2005-03-06 19:26:47 UTC (rev 939)
+++ trunk/bmake.txt	2005-03-10 19:55:30 UTC (rev 940)
@@ -0,0 +1,60 @@
+AUTHOR: Petrus - petrus at bmail.com.au
+DATE: 2005-03-09
+LICENSE: GNU Free Documentation License.
+SYNOPSIS: bmake - NetBSD's make.
+DESCRIPTION: Has some great extra features and is also used in pkgsrc,
+NetBSD's package management system. Good for sysadmins, developers, or
+anyone who wants a better and actively developed Make.
+CHANGELOG: 2005-03-09
+* First version.
+The first thing to do is download
+http://www.crufty.net/ftp/pub/sjg/bmake.tar.gz which is the source
+tarball for bmake itself, and
+http://www.crufty.net/ftp/pub/sjg/mk.tar.gz which contains the makefiles
+that bmake needs.
+(They contain various system rules and so forth.)
+You'll need to become root in order to do this, since files need to be
+installed to /usr/share and a few other places.
+When you've downloaded bmake, unpack it and cd into the bmake directory.
+Bmake needs a seperate OS-specific build directory, so we'll make one of
+those as well.
+tar zxvf bmake.tar.gz
+cp mk.tar.gz bmake
+cd bmake
+mkdir -p ../Linux
+mv mk.tar.gz ../Linux
+cd ../Linux
+tar zxvf mk.tar.gz
+../bmake/configure --prefix=/usr
+Now we need to tell bmake to look for the makefiles under the current
+directory. Sed will do this for us.
+sed -e s'_MKSRC=${srcdir}_MKSRC=mk_'g makefile.boot \
+> makefile1.boot && \
+mv -f makefile1.boot makefile.boot
+Now let's compile it:-
+make -f makefile.boot bootstrap
+make -f makefile.boot install
+One last thing we need to do is make sure the Linux.sys.mk file is in
+place as bmake's
+sys.mk, as bmake needs this in order to function.
+cd mk
+cp Linux.sys.mk /usr/share/sys.mk
+You can test this by reinstalling bmake using bmake itself, in order to
+be sure that sys.mk is in place and everything works.
+bmake install
+It should now be working.

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