Question about a pending hint submission

Jon jgrosshart at
Fri Mar 11 11:42:08 PST 2005

I've thrown together, what I consider to be, a nice hint on installing 
and using Slackware's pkgtools on LFS 6.0... Granted this isn't overly 
hard to do in the first place but it's a hint none-the-less... I wanted 
to be descript as possible so the hint turned out to be verbatum 
commands used to get it installed and working. Being a long-time 
Slackware user, one thing led to another and it turned into a full blown 
script..... :-)


# The hint document is text based. The format for the hints is as 
explained at the end of this document.
# Avoid including scripts and patches in the hints. Keep these as 
separate files to avoid spoiling the beauty of the hint:)

Well, I would argue that scripts are asthetically pleasing and if your 
interested in Slackware's pkgtools, you probably think the same thing... :-)

What to do.... It's formatted nicely and has lots of comments to explain 
what is happening... If you don't want to run the script and prefer to 
do it by hand, it's not a hard matter to substitute variables for 
absolute paths... Should I make a pkgtools.txt with one line that says:


? And then have the script as a seperate attachment? Thanks all for any 


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