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Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at
Wed Mar 23 23:45:02 PST 2005

Robert Connolly wrote:
> Hello. I made a prelink hint for using the glibc prelink stuff, to make stuff 
> load faster. Please add it so people can use it if they want :)


Well, maybe you didn't know about Tushar's "old" prelink hint. I've been 
  using it for quite some time now without problems. From what I've 
quickly read of your version, it seems both are really complementary. 
You can find Tushar's version there :

It has a few usefull information that's not included in yours, namely a 
cron script. Maybe you can have look at it.

BTW I've run had trouble with prelink when using it on a nearly full 
system. Found in debian's script that it seems you need at least 50 MB 
of free space in order to run prelink, In the other case you're in 
trouble, I remember I've been, but can't remember what kind of trouble.
FYI, here is the relevant part of debian's patch to prelink:

+# Recommended minimun free space, 50MB
+will_prelink="$(for i in $(awk '! /#/ && ! /^-b/ && NF >= 1 {print 
$NF}' < /etc/prelink.conf); do test -e "$i" && echo "$i"; done)"
+df -P $will_prelink | sort | uniq | {
+    have_warn=0
+    while read part x x size x mount_point; do
+	if $(echo $part | grep -qv "^/"); then
+	    continue;
+	fi
+	if [ $size -le "$min_size" ]; then
+	    echo "Partition $part ($mount_point) has only $size KB free." >&2
+	    have_warn=1
+	fi
+    done

One more thing I can't comment on is that debian has prelink accepted 
for i386, powerpc and alpha.

Anyways thank you for bringing this up to date, I'll have a look at it 
when I'll find some time to get back to LFS.

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