busybox uclibc replacement for small embedded lfs

Ted Bullock tedbullock at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:41:24 PST 2005

Now that the uclibc and cross-x86 hints are available and the cross-lfs 
book is well under way this seems like a good idea to me.

I would like to see this move forward if possible.

For instance the reason I adopted the cross-x86 hint was to build a 
lfs-6.1 distro for my 386 computer at home. All went well, and the 
system is running along quite nicely.  In fact you can visit a webserver 
running on that machine at http://myvpn.game-host.org

However, there are an enormous number of small or old computers out 
there that could benefit from a modern lightweight embeddable distro.  
uclibc, busybox and the 2.6 kernel could do just that.  I think that 
cross-lfs is the natural mechanism for creating this.

Although I don't have a huge amount of time available at the moment I am 
certainly available to assist somebody in creating this.

-Ted Bullock

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Bernd Feldmeier wrote these words on 11/04/05 12:00 CST:
>>maybe somesome could make a hint how
>>to integrate/build an embedded lfs
>>with busybox and/or uclibc
>How about you writing one? :-)

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