Stefan Krah sfk1 at bigfoot.com
Sat Nov 5 09:10:44 PST 2005

Hi all,

It has been a while since I've been on the lists, and I noticed that
the BLFS Book has dropped support for daemontools and ucspi-tcp. I
remember that opinions on whether to keep it in the book or not have
always been controversial.

Anyway, I have decided to put an updated version of the last BLFS Book
entries on my web page. I think that the book format is superior to
the hint format, and it would be sort of a waste to rewrite the instructions
as a hint.

For these reasons the attached ``hint'' is merely a pointer to the updated
web pages. IMO there should be some reference to djb tools apart from the
BLFS Museum.


Stefan Krah
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AUTHOR:         Stefan Krah <djbware-install at bytereef.org>

DATE:           2005-11-05

LICENSE:        GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2

SYNOPSIS:       Install daemontools-0.76 and ucspi-tcp-0.88

DESCRIPTION:    Since the BLFS Book has dropped support for daemontools and
                ucspi-tcp, I'm maintaining the install instructions at my

PREREQUISITES:  A working Unix system with the usual development tools.


DJ Bernstein's daemontools suite offers a very convenient way of starting
and controlling daemons. The package includes other highly useful tools like
multilog, which does automatic log rotation, or setlock, which can be used
in shell scripts to ensure that only a single instance of a program is running.

The ucspi-tcp suite contains tcpserver, a secure replacement for inetd,
as well as several other useful net-tools.

The BLFS book has dropped support for daemontools and ucspi-tcp, so I
maintain an updated version of the last install instructions at:


Note that my instructions *do* involve creating a /service directory.

  * All the people who contributed to the original BLFS entry

  * Initial hint.

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