Update (Take Three) Hint Apcupsd power protection for your LFS connected to an APC UPS via serial port

John McSwain john at lakemcgregor.com
Wed Jan 4 16:30:07 PST 2006

 Ok, I am attaching the hint itself as Apcupsd-serial.txt and the two 
startup scripts in bz2 file Apcupsd-serial-scripts.tar.bz2.
 The scripts should go in:
 http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/attachments/apcupsd-serial/replacing the existing two scripts now in there.If you prefer I can send all three documents in one bz2 file or I cansend all three as individual files.  For some reason I had thought theproject preferred them separately.Thanks,John McSwainhttp://www.lakemcgregor.com/
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