wpa-service / macbook

Eloi Primaux eloi at bliscat.org
Sat Sep 9 15:57:40 PDT 2006

Hi, i'm currently writting a hint which describes how to install LFS-6.2
on a macbook black/white, also i would like to know if someone wants to
participate on it.
I have a working lfs-6.2/blfs-svn on my macbook (with gnome-2.16 from
jhbuild with my new mono.modules rules...) with acpid rules,
gnome-power-manager/hald/Polkitd/DBus fully set, suspend to ram working
(s2ram cvs), synaptics (cvs) and aiglx.

I'm also working on a new release of the wpa-service hint since Maarteen
Lankhorst updated the wpa-service file (attached). In  this release,
ip-service will be replaced by ifplugd.

Eloi Primaux
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