to Jim Gifford - LFS Hints update - Ethernet Bonding

Thomas Austin TAustin at
Fri Oct 19 12:07:42 PDT 2007

Hi Jim,

I've been trying to contact you over the past couple of months via your
email addresses, but have not received a reply.

I just got done setting up ethernet bonding on a new server that I am
setting up that is based on LFS.

I tried to use your LFS ethernet bonding hint dated 2003-03-25, but it
didn't work - it seems that the network bootscripts have changed in the
last 4 years ;-).

So, I set off on an adventure that finally got ethernet bonding working
with the LFS 6.2 book.

I figure that others might benefit from my work and I would like to
contribute what I have found back to the LFS project.

I am approaching you as you have already developed a hint that my
information directly applies to and potentially modifies.

What is the best way to go about incorporating my information into a new
updated ethernet-bonding hint?


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