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AUTHOR: Sami S. Tarazi

DATE: 2015-09-19

LICENSE: GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2

SYNOPSIS: Install JabRef bibliography reference manager on BLFS.

JabRef is a reliable open source reference manager that can generate BibTeX
bibliography file format that can be used in a LaTeX document. This hint
describes the installation of JabRef from source on modern BLFS system.

* http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/files/MAINTAINER/jabref
* http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/files/MAINTAINER/jabref.desktop

Modern BLFS system with the following:
  X Window System Environment (Xorg).
  Java- or OpenJDK-
  GNOME-3.14 desktop environment (should work also on kde).

JabRef is written in the Java programming language. The download
section of the its
homepage "http://jabref.sourceforge.net/" contains a built jar file
and a source package.
The hint is concerned with building JabRef from its source.
Start by downloading the source of the latest stable version. At the
time of this hint,
the most stable source is "JabRef-2.10-src.tar.bz2":


Untar the source:

  tar xjvf JabRef-2.10-src.tar.bz2

Change into the JabRef-2.10 directory:

  cd JabRef-2.10



When ant finishes execution, the directory "build" is created. The
directory "build/lib"
contains the JabRef-2.10.jar file. The build can be tested by
executing from a terminal
in an X Window environment:

  java -jar build/lib/JabRef-2.10.jar

The JabRef window should start. If every thing seems working, then
proceed to install. If
the JabRef window did not materialize properly, then some thing went
wrong and above
procedure should be checked and repeated.

JabRef is installed in the "/opt/jabref-2.10". As root:

  install -v -m755 -d

  install -v -m644 build/lib/*.jar /opt/jabref-2.10/lib

  install -v -m644 build/images/* /opt/jabref-2.10/images

  install -v -m644 build/images/crystal_16/* /opt/jabref-2.10/images/crystal_16

  install -v -m644 build/help/* /opt/jabref-2.10/help

  mv -v build/classes/com/* /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/com
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/com/*

  mv -v build/classes/gnu/* /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/gnu
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/gnu/*

  mv -v build/classes/net/* /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/net
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/net/*

  mv -v build/classes/org/* /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/org
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/org/*

  mv -v build/classes/spl/* /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/spl
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/classes/spl/*

  mv -v build/resource/* /opt/jabref-2.10/resource
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/resource/*

  mv -v build/tmp/* /opt/jabref-2.10/tmp
  chown -R root:root /opt/jabref-2.10/tmp/*

  ln -v -s jabref-2.10 /opt/jabref

Still as root install the provided jabref script and jabref.desktop
desktop file,
assuming that both files were downloaded to the working directory:

  install -m 755 jabref /usr/bin
  install -m 644 jabref.desktop /usr/share/applications

The above install command installs the "jabref" script in the "/usr/bin". If a
different location like "/usr/local/bin" is preferred, then the install command
be adjusted to reflect the desired location. Also it is assumed that
the directory
"/usr/share/applications" exists on the BLFS system. If it does not
like early in
the construction of a BLFS system, the it can be create as root by:

  mkdir -pv /usr/share/applications

This complete the installation. The JabRef icon should be accessible in desktop
environment like gnome. One point worth mentioning. I the
jabref.desktop the icon
/opt/jabref/images/JabRef-icon.svg was used. The build provides also
and JabRef-icon-48.png, if the system does not support svg format, the file
jabref.desktop can be edited to use any of the two png icons.

  * Appreciation is extended to the whole LFS and BLFS community.

  * Initial hint.
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