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Dimitry Naldayev dimitryn at
Sat Feb 25 07:05:54 PST 2006

Dimitry Naldayev <dimitryn at> writes:

> Jason Stevens <jastev at> writes:
>> (In case context is relevant, I'm running a number of virtual machines
>> on a single physical server; it would be convenient for them all to
>> mount the same root filesystem read-only, and only have the
>> non-shareable and variable content be unique diskfiles.  Obviously,
>> this would require the VMs to never mount / writeable.  Presumably, I
>> could create a / with nothing or just /boot in it, but this seems
>> inelegant.)
> There was several diskless howto around the net and one of them describe
> very similar setup with main difference they use different phisical
> computers in local network (instead of vitual machines) wich share the same
> root fs (over nfs in case of diskless). Unfortunately I can not point you
> directly on this howto becouse I had read the howto several years ago. But
> google or Linux Documentation Project can help you to find it.

I have found the hard copy of the howto on my book board. It's called "Root
over nfs clients & server Howto". You can read it from there:


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