kernel panic after build HLFS

sacarde sacarde at
Thu Jun 22 03:15:55 PDT 2006

Alle 18:36, mercoledì 21 giugno 2006, hai scritto:

> > BLFS is the right continuing to HLFS ?
> > can I apply BLFS without any changes ?
> Except where it barfs :-).
excuse me , can you explain meaning of barfs ?

> There are a few gotchas to that process. If you have
> CONFIG_PAX_NOELFRELOCS  and randomised positioning of executables, then
> your executables can land anywhere and are not allowed to move to where
> they want to.

can you help me to know more about PAX and Grsec parameters meanings ?

> This is a problem for: static libraries - The ones ending in .a, but
> it's never quite that simple; It is a problem for assembler which has
> hard addresses  in the binary. Gentoo-hardened used a check-textrel
> script with readelf -d |grep TEXTREL  as the key active line to check
> libs and executables.
> You have to strictly ban all precompiled code. No downloading of
> binaries - suffer with the source.
> Expect fun with DRI, Mesa, & multimedia stuff where coders seem less
> fussy about form than performance. The hlfs stuff uses the line
> CFLAGS += -fpic -fPIC
what mean ?

> or somesuch added to Makefiles and it goes on after all the other
> CFLAGS. It ensures the options are passed.
> When you do barf, don't expect too much help. You're a big boy now :-).
no, no,  I try only for experimental installation

> And fix it up, tell us how in one neat mail and we won't flame you :-).
I hope, one day....

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