'bug track' system online

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Mar 12 08:07:14 PST 2001

Hi all,


it's not really about just bugs and track them so the name 
bugtrack.linuxfromscratch.org is a poorly chosen name so it can be changed. I 
just set this up quickly to work and so far it works fine.

Before we actually go use it, i want you all to play with it, add some slips, 
make some modifications to slips to get the hang of it. Every action that's 
performed is emailed to me. I will change this to 
lfs-book at linuxfromscratch.org later when we're all done playing (so you guys 
won't be flooded by messages from the system).

The following persons can login to keystone now and play around:
Jesse Tie Ten Quee - username/password jesse/jesse
Simon Perreault - username/password simon/simon
Arthur H. Johnson II - username/password arthur/arthur
ken_i_m - username/password ken_i_m/ken_i_m

If you're on this mailinglist and not in this little list of users speak up 
and I will add you. If you are in keystone you are expected to actively take 
items and work them out. No lurkers allowed in keystone just for the sake of 
being in it. Lurking on this list if fine by me as usual.

Enter the username and password in the "To log in to Keystone" section.

Change your password asap by clicking on the "Other" menu and click on 

A quick explanation how to add new slips (todo's):
Click on the little arrow next to "Slips" (clicking on Slips itself will give 
you all the current slips present, which is empty right now). Click on Add 
slip (you can use Add (Long) as well it does the same in the end, just a bit 
different, you may like it better, or not). I'll assume you just clicked on 
"Add Slip".

Most of the defaults can just be accepted and the ones that are set to "None" 
will mostly remain that way because there are no other options to choose from 
(yet - will made available if we find out we need them).

The ones you need to change are:
Assigned to:
This defaults to yourself. If you add a slip and you plan to work on it right 
away after adding it then you can leave it like that. If you just want to add 
it but don't plan on doing it yourself, then set "Assigned to" to "None."

If you set the assigned to field to none, leave the status to Open. If you 
plan to set assigned to to yourself then set status to Active.

You can leave this the default value of 5 but feel free to change this. Use 
your own judgement. It can always be changed later.

Fill in the Problem (summary) and a detailed description if applicable (if 
the problem description is clear enough just leave the summary blank).

To the right of the summary field you can set the slip to Public or Private. 
It's set to Public by default and leave it like this so everybody can look at 

Send email update to: no need to select anything here. By default this slip's 
info will be emailed to lfs-book (well at the moment to me but this will 
change when we start using this officiallly). You can use this to send an 
email to somebody other than on lfs-book if you find that to be necessary.

Click on "Add Slip" and you're done.

You're back in the list with all available slips. If not, click on Slips in 
the menu. Click on the arrow next to the slip number to perform actions on 
this slip. If you want to change this slip click on "Modify" and you can 
change everything here (who to assign it to, status, priority, etc)

And when one's done with a slip (ie: it's changed in the book) you click on 
Closed and done. Don't delete it, we'll keep old ones around for reference.

This should be enough to get you started. If you want to see the emails 
keystone sends when you do something you can fill out your own email address 
in the "send email update to" every time you do something. Or select the 
"Open tech" option (which is you too).

Play around, make yourself familiar with the system and we can then start 
using it very soon. I'll transfer all the current items from the TODO list to 
keystone when you guys are done fooling around.

Got any questions feel free to post them.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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