Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Mar 14 06:52:43 PST 2001

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[14.03.01 15:39]:
> > Hardlinks don't work across two partitions or disks.
> i see. I'm waiting for him to respond to it. It's either all symlinks or all 
> hardlinks. I'd like to stay consistent in either using symlinks or hardlinks 
> (unless a symlink is absolutely necesarry due to partitions)

I'd not say all sym- or all-hardlinks. If you link from /bin to /usr/bin
e.g. a softlink is necessary, because /usr can be on a different

Using hardlinks for links inside the same dir is okay.

Other distro's do it that way too.

> > of course :) and "to do" them at all (they are not created yet, are
> > they?)
> Actually they are already.

uh - yes... hardlinked ;-) in /usr/bin?


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