[Keystone Slip #35] One (or more) packages change mode of /tmp

Richard Gollub rgollub at uninet.com.br
Thu Mar 15 03:27:50 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On March 14, 2001 09:39 am, Neven Has wrote:
> > > After chmod 1777 $LFS/tmp in chapter 4, that mode has changed back
> > > to mode 755 somewhere during the LFS installation, probably chapter 6.
> > > Find the package, fix it.
> >
> > Did person (or persons) who reported this use any newer packages?
> I reported it myself. After finishing my own LFS system I found my /tmp
> permissions were changed. I'm not entirely sure if it was an LFS package or
> just something I did wrong when chmod'ing some directories i may inadvertadly
> have chmod'ed $LFS/tmp as well.
> > I did two builds with slightly modified scripts to try and catch this,
> > but didn't find anything.
> I'm keeping an eye out too during my current LFS build.
> --
> Gerard Beekmans
> www.linuxfromscratch.org
> -*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
	I did not check whether there is or not a package changing tpm's
permissions, but I can assert the following:

	If one tar's, say, the output of stage 1 (i.e, up to Chap.5) to reuse
later for another build, and, when later the tarball is untar'ed, the
sticky bit of tmp dir is lost in the process (actually chmod changes
from 1777 to 755). There is a tar option to preserve permissions, but it
must explicitly expressed.

	Thus, just wondering Gerard, if by any chance, you started your Stage 2
build from untar'ring a previously saved Stage 1 tarball, and just
noticed the fault at the very end, when it might have been there since
the very beginning?


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