Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Mar 16 07:30:09 PST 2001

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[15.03.01 20:22]:
> On March 15, 2001 11:15 am, Simon Perreault wrote:
> > On Thursday 15 March 2001 11:13, Thomas 'Balu' Walter wrote:
> > > cvs server: Up-to-date check failed for `chapter1/how.xml'
> > > cvs server: Up-to-date check failed for `chapter1/introduction.xml'
> > > cvs server: Up-to-date check failed for `chapter1/versions.xml'
> > > cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!
> > > cvs commit: saving log message in /tmp/cvsiMVI2N
> The error means that balu's how.xml, introduction.xml and versions.xml are 
> older than what's currently in CVS so Balu's changes to those files are not 
> commited.

All files, or just those three? I've changed quite a lot while editing
those "you's" out of it.

> This is one problem with cvs yes. What if two people make changes to the same 
> files. When the first person checks his changes in, the second person will 
> have to update first to see if his changes are still compatible with what the 
> other person changed. Not much that can be done about it. So balu will 
> update, check what you did and make his changes again. CVS can merge though 
> but I woudlnt' recommend it, in case Simon did something that Balu may not 
> want to commit his changes anymore....

Until I know if only these three files were not commited or all my
changes, I'll surely not cvs update my files... 

Is there a way to check this?


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