Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Mar 16 07:35:11 PST 2001

> If I did a CVS update _my_ work would have been gone, or not? All files
> I changed would then be overwritten with a new one from CVS?


> I thought the procedure is:
> cvs update
> change files,
> cvs commit

it is, but if somebody 'cvs commit' before you do your commit and made 
changes to the same files then well you're out of luck. CVS isn't made to 
overcome these problems; it just keeps the files in a respository and depends 
on us talking and discussing before editing...

how to overcome this? It's hard to just 'claim' files with a TODO, it's not 
always clear which files are going to be edited. You could create follow-ups 
when you start editing more files but that means you would have to check 
every active keystone slip, or every email sent here to see if a file you 
want to edit can be touched or not. That doesn't work well. CVS can merge 
files which would fix our problems but i don't know to what extend. Jesse 
will have to explain that one

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