Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Mar 16 07:51:57 PST 2001

> how to overcome this? It's hard to just 'claim' files with a TODO, it's not
> always clear which files are going to be edited. You could create
> follow-ups when you start editing more files but that means you would have
> to check every active keystone slip, or every email sent here to see if a
> file you want to edit can be touched or not. That doesn't work well. CVS
> can merge files which would fix our problems but i don't know to what
> extend. Jesse will have to explain that one

Ok here's my proposal: for now you guys live with it while I'm brainstorming 
over this and come up with a good method to fix these problems. Bev suggested 
putting people in charge of certain chapters and others are not supposed to 
make changes to those chapters. Instead you send your changes to the person 
in charge and s/he will then commit those changes with his own changes.

I see drawbacks, especially possible taking a long time to get some changes 
commited if the person in charge is busy with something else. you may simply 
forget to commit somebody else's changes, and so forth. So far it's the 
single best option I have right now but I've only given it 5 minutes worth of 
thought now so I'll spend this weekend on this. I'm also writing down 
procedures of the process of editing the book, guidelines how to edit, rules 
of thumb on things like what to add to changelog.xml, the layout of 
<userinput>...</userinput> tags (the width on the screen) and so. I actually 
have a system in place when I edit the book but it's in my head at the 
moment. I'll get it into a file and share it.

And as usual if you think of ways to fix our cvs commit problems i'm open for 
suggestions. If nothing else if forthcoming I will come up with a workable 
solution this weekend. Right now I'm going for a drive and continue my search 
for a new job..i'll be back late today

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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