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Slip number -----: 38 (What to do with kernel headers)
Contact ---------: None
Problem ---------: What to do with kernel headers
Opened by -------: gerard (Gerard Beekmans) on 03/13/2001 19:42
Assigned To -----: simon (Simon Perreault)
Current Status --: A (Active)
Sources suggest keep kernel headers in /usr/include/linux|asm that as they were when Glibc is compiled. When upgrading a kernel these headers should remain the same (so a full kernel upgrade would mean a Glibc recompile as well).

Find out why exactly that's suggested before we make this change in the book.
03/21/2001 21:21 by simon:
Status changed to Closed
I think the discussion on lfs-discuss on that matter has ended, and I've seen no convincing arguments that would make us change the way we do it. Supposedly, we should do so because Linus says so (he also says to use egcs, remember?), or because distros do so.

We've always done it with symlinks, and it has always worked like that. Using LFS you do a lot of compiling, and I've never seen anything having trouble with kernel header version conflicts with glibc. It is a lot less trouble with symlinks, and if you're a programmer and you need static headers then just do it like you want, you probably know enough about headers to know what you want and how to do it.

Unless problems appear, I suggest we continue using symlinks.

"We should do it because others do it" has _absolutely_ no weigh in my judgement balance.
03/15/2001 01:10 by simon:
Current tech set to "Simon Perreault (simon)"
Status changed to "Active" from "Open"
Comment from simon:
Next slip in order of priority. ;)

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