[Keystone Slip #46] Change gcc-links

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Wed Mar 28 10:31:15 PST 2001

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at linuxfromscratch.org)-[24.03.01 20:04]:
> <snip>
> > --with-gxx-include-dir=dirname -- Specify the installation directory for
> >         g++ header files. The default is /usr/local/include/g++."
> The problem is, or used to be (let's re-verify that), that if gcc finds that 
> /usr/include/g++ already exists, it will use /usr/include/g++-2 (and if that 
> exists /usr/include/g++-3 and so forth). 

I've tried to remove that after entering chroot and got the following in
the Makefile created by configure:


So we still need it.

> > Looks like --enable-shared is not needed in Chapter 6.
> Looks like it yes. Build it, see if it's true.

Looks like, but it's needed - from the Makefile:
        enable_shared = no

So we still need it.


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