Mention author of fixes?

Marc Heerdink marc_heerdink at
Thu Mar 29 05:35:09 PST 2001

Thomas 'Balu' Walter wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2001 10:54:39 +0200:
> What about mentioning authors/maintainers that suggested fixes for the
> book in Changelog - could look like:
> Chapter 5+6: Changed from "cd dir && make" to "make -C dir"
> (gettext-static, sysvinit) (Peter Havshi <havshoei at> /
> Balu)
> Perhaps just the author, but I think giving some credits would be nice?

Hmm... I don't think that's necessary. A "credits chapter/page" would be nice
though. Everything is changed by the book crew, giving ppl credits may start a
fight ("I changed more than you... sew you" etc).

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