Device creation and MAKEDEV

Marc Heerdink marc_heerdink at
Thu Mar 29 06:38:03 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote on Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:14:17 -0500:
> > cd $LFS/dev &&
> > mknod null c 1 3 &&
> > chmod 666 null
> Works for me. Go ahead, make the changes as needed.

"The changes" are a lot of changes:

*) "Installing Makedev" needs to be removed from chapter 5
*) /etc/group needs some additional groups
*) A chapter "Creating the null device" needs to be added before "Installing
*) The glibc installation instructions need to be changed (Users must logout for
making name resolution work to install the rest of the devices)
*) "Installing Makedev" needs to be moved after "Installing glibc"

This will be the first time I change something in a CVS repository, so this is a
lot for me. I'd like some instructions to make sure I don't screw everything up.


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that will prevent programmers from writing bad programs.
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