kbd instead of console-tools

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Thu Mar 29 11:04:31 PST 2001

Just to support Simon - who is CurrenT for that slip:

I was just at the point where I had to install console-tools in my
actual lfs. I tried to install

        ./configure --datadir=/usr/share/kbd
        make install

FHS-2.2-beta says to put it there - we might need a link from
/usr/lib/kbd - to preserve problems with older programs (but we'll see)

I did a "find /mnt/lfs -ls" before and after - a diff shows the
following installed files: (beside wierd changes in /proc)

        ./lfs/usr/bin/psfaddtable -> psfxtable
        ./lfs/usr/bin/psfgettable -> psfxtable
        ./lfs/usr/bin/psfstriptable -> psfxtable

In addition to that some changes in /usr/share/locale, /usr/share/man,
and of course /usr/share/kbd.

The before and after-files can be DLed at http://balu.dnsalias.org/LFS

I also checked loadkeys - it does not have that -q-switch, so we need
the old bootscript-behaviour back.

Because of the much smoother installation and the more recent version I
think we should give kbd a try...


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