Device creation and MAKEDEV

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Mar 30 05:27:21 PST 2001

+-Marc Heerdink-(marc_heerdink at[29.03.01 21:30]:
> *) A chapter "Creating the null device" needs to be added before
> "Installing glibc"

Why a complete chapter? - Can't this just be added to the
glibc-installation? (even though - if other packages also need /dev/null
make an own chapter for that + description why and how)

> *) The glibc installation instructions need to be changed (Users must
> logout for making name resolution work to install the rest of the devices)

I thought not just suggesting, but "forcing" the user to do so would be
the best anyway.

> lot for me. I'd like some instructions to make sure I don't screw
> everything up.

do that while Highos is logged in to IRC ;-)


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