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Fri May 4 04:22:52 PDT 2001

* le jeu 03 mai, 2001 à 08:09:57 -0400, Simon Perreault (nomis80 at écrivait:
> Considering that:
> - New versions are good.
> - People want a safe way to install a custom system with the latest sources.
> - I want the book to move forward.
> - CVS is a place for highly unstable code. It is a drawing board. It is 
> development. pre releases are more stable, but still cannot be considered 
> stable.
> I feel that we should somehow move to glibc-2.2.latest. I suggest that we 
> make the modifications in CVS, and let the people test it out. Five or so 
> developers can't declare a glibc installation method stable all by themselves.
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I'm agree with you. You had to go forward.
I use a LFS 2.4.x, to work.
And for my test, I use the latest software, it's the only way to help the developpers

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