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Fri May 4 13:28:03 PDT 2001

* le ven 04 mai, 2001 à 08:15:43 +0200, Marc Heerdink (marc_heerdink at écrivait:
> > I feel that we should somehow move to glibc-2.2.latest. I suggest that we 
> > make the modifications in CVS, and let the people test it out. Five or so 
> > developers can't declare a glibc installation method stable all by themselves.
> Too bad the latest "stable" glibc (2.2.3) doesn't work with the latest stable
> gcc (2.95.3). There is a patch however, and we just can't make ppl use the gcc
> cvs sources. I don't know if we do the right thing if we move to a not really
> stable and reliable glibc version that isn't even compatible with the latest
> stable gcc.
What sort of problem, beetween glibc 2.2.3 and gcc 2.95.3 ? Because I ve just finish a LFS with this latest package
and till now I don't have bug or I don't see it.

Oh yes I've got a problem with my adaptec card, because of an aic7xxx driver. And there is no more db.h in glibc 2.2.x. So if I want to use this card I suppose that I have too install  db186, or maybe db3 ? See this later.

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