Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Fri May 4 20:00:10 PDT 2001

On Friday 04 May 2001 22:46, you wrote:
> Yep, just had Easter Egg Hunt. Call it Easter Egg Hunt - The Sequel? Easter
> egg....bugs...any difference there?

How about putting easter eggs in the book? Like: "If you go to section X 
paragraph Y, line Z, you can see that if you read it backwards, you'll see 
that it sounds like "Bill Gates is a goat.""

> Sorry, fun's going to be in the way. Tomorrow me, Beverly, and
> brother(in-law), sister(-in-law) and their kids are going to "Paramount
> Canada's Wonderland" and probably spend the better part of the day there.
> Sunday I don't have much planned, I"ll see if I can fit LFS in it.

Lucky bastard! I've been there twice, and this is way too cool! Go on the 
bridge over the big logs you can ride down a waterfall (dunno how to phrase 
it in english) and you'll get very wet. Watch the people run when they see 
the log coming, it's very cool.

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