Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun May 6 07:29:03 PDT 2001

> OK for me.. but erhm is it really worth it to make pre3 now? AFAIK only a
> few pages have changed (~10 or so) and some packages were upgraded. The
> editors will be bothered with one more codefreeze, only 30 after the
> previous. That gives an average of 10/40 days codefreeze, that is one out
> of four days that we can't commit anything. I'm not planning to find
> anything big that should be changed, but in this way development is slowed
> down. Let's say we find out how branches work and start a pre3 branch for
> Gerard? :)

We know how branches work, that's fine and all, but we're not going to start 
a seperate branch. The code-freeze may not be in effect for an entire week, 
we'll have to just wing it like last time. I just want to get newer 
pre-releases out there so people will use them and give feedback on more 
recent code, than pre2.

It will also give us a better idea what's going on and thigns that may have 
to be undone again for some reason.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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