How bugzilla works

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon May 7 09:56:04 PDT 2001

> Are there any "not closed" slips in there? 

There are now
> I think Keystones oversight looked a little nicer... But I might need to
> get some more knowledge about bugzilla at all

A bit perhaps, just have to get used to Bugzilla. bugzilla allows you to
fine tune what exactly you want to see. Keystone gives you the chance to
se "all bugs" or "all non-closed bugs" and that's about it (oh, and bugs
assigned to you). With Bugzilla you can fine tune that a lot.

Why don't you guys just play with bugs - edit them and stuff so you can
set different status and then see how that works with querying them.

It'll generate a few emails to me or lfs-book depending on which bug you
get, but it doesn't matter much. Just don't edit the same bug 10000
times and nobody will complain

Gerard Beekmans

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