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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon May 7 12:44:47 PDT 2001

> Me and Mark (GiMLi) had a long discussion about this on IRC the other
> day, while he was (he denies it ;) complaining about having a 10 day
> book freeze and wondering why we don't use branch'es.

I've been thinking about that. For a pre release, it's quite the 'freeze
period'. We don't have to do that much QA (Quality Assurance) on the book 
for just a pre. A 10 day freeze for the final 3.0 would be in order so we 
can do proper QA on it.

Suppose we do branch. Changes are made to that branched version while
MAIN stays nice and chilled. Then I see some good changes in the branch
that I'd like to include in MAIN for that release. That would be a
partial merge. Then a day later the same happens. I'd keep tagging and
merging which I don't look forward to.

But I also realize it's not great to be in a total freeze so you guys
are twidling thumbs until the freeze is over.

Since this is just a pre release it doesn't have to be perfect. I have
something different in mind, that works well with no code freeze at all.
But I can't elaborate on it, I have to get back to work now, I will
elaborate on it when I get home.

Btw, it includes a new release date: this coming Saturday. I forgot I
had plans for the weekend after this one, and the one after that isn't
convenient for me either. So it has to be this coming weekend, or the
first week of June, which is too far away.

Gerard Beekmans

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