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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Fri May 11 20:16:32 PDT 2001

There are two ways we can make the man pages directories FHS-compliant:

1) We can put "export LANG=en" in the .bash_profile file, and then move 
/usr/share/man/man* to /usr/share/man/en when everything is compiled.

2) We can delete foreign languages man pages directories when the build is 
over, or modify the packages so that they don't install them.

The first solution requires that every user has its LANG variable set, and 
should be mentioned in the book. This is why I suggest we don't use this 
solution directly but rather make an LFS note out of it, so that only people 
who have read the note and know the consequences know about it.

The second solution too cannot go in the book, because we can't assume that 
people won't want to read man pages in other languages. So I suggest we make 
an FHS note about this one too. And BTW, I noticed that many packages don't 
install man pages in foreign languages unless you tell them explicitely.

So taking all this into consideration, my recommendation would be two-fold:
1) Force packages into installing every man page they have.
2) Add a sub-section into the section "Configuring essential software" where 
we would restructure the man directories (packages don't follow the FHS as a 
rule). There would be two options given to the user: either arrange the 
directories so that you can have all the languages, but then you have to set 
up the LANG variable, or simply delete languages you don't want.

This solution makes sure that no user feels that something is too much or is 
missing, and makes sure that people will know what they are doing and that we 
won't get "It doesn't work" questions.

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