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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu May 31 05:03:47 PDT 2001

Add this to bugzilla when it's up and running again.

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Subject: gcc-configure on mdk-8
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hi gerard,

(dev0 here) i just thought you might be interested in the following situation:

i'm in progress of building an LFS-3.0pre3 on mdk8.  i have latex/tetex 
installed.  the version is 1.0.7-21mdk (rpm's)

with the texconfig from the mdk-tetex package the configure of gcc fails 
giving me the following:

checking for texconfig ...true

and then stops.  no keys are accepted.  killing it via ctrl-c gives me the 

/usr/bin/texconfig: line 3:  3813 Broken pipe             $DIALOG_PROG 
--title "$version setup utility" "$@"

i then figured out, that the texconfig is in the tetex-rpm and deinstalled 
all the tetex/latex-stuff.  after that it worked fine.  so my suggestion is, 
that gcc builds some kind of documentation (maybe) if it finds texconfig, 
resp. tetex/latex.  if it doesn't find texconfig it runs through just fine 
(and, of course, not building whatever it needed tetex/latex for)

so, maybe there is room for a gcc-patch, keeping it from building this piece 
of stuff wheter tetex/latex is there or not.  (cuz i never had those before i 
switched to mdk, and therefore never used/needed them.  and for building an 
LFS they should be less important).  i suggest, because there might be ppl, 
not wanting to kill all their tetex/latex stuff like me, to just disable the 
texconfig-check in gcc's configure.

i even couldn't test, if this error occours with other versions of 
tetex/latex, cuz i never used it, and therefore have no knowledge about it.

unfortunatley, i'm not that advanced to programming, so i am not able to 
supply such a patch, but i think it shouldn't be a big problem for you guru's 
to solve it (the one or the other way)

with best regards,
gerd aka 'dev0'

p.s. sorry for my crappy english.

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Gerard Beekmans

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