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On Thursday 31 May 2001 14:03, you wrote:
> <Cut>
> I understand the problem and no, I haven't a clue how to disable this
> myself.

well, after some thinking (of course, i can't test it anymore, too, cuz i 
just have finished my lfs now), i got the idea of temporarily renaming 
texconfig to somewhat like texconfig.lfs and re-establishing the 
original-state after the gcc-build.  it should not be THAT problem to 
determine if texconfig (/usr/bin/texconfig in mdk's case) is there or not, 
and them do some action, if it's there ...

if [ -f /usr/bin/texconfig ]; then
	mv /usr/bin/texconfig /usr/bin/texconfig.lfs;
if [ -f /usr/bin/texconfig.lfs ]; then
	mv /usr/bin/texconfig.lfs /usr/bin/texconfig;

i think that should be sufficent for the lfs-purpose.  so nobody using 
tetex/latex will have to do some stuff for removing it and reinstalling it 

w/ best regards
gerd aka 'dev'

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